New Joinee Surveys

To join an organisation is a big decision for many young executives, more so for mid-level managers. It is important that organisations show gratitude and care to the employee in the early phase. This would ensure that the new joinee truly embraces the organisation culture and values early and becomes a true ambassador of the company. However, in all the speed of business, a few fundamentals fall by the wayside in spite of best intentions. That’s precisely why your organisation needs a well-structured New Joinee Survey, ideally taken at the end of 3 months.

A good New Joinee Survey helps track new joinee satisfaction and helps the organisation apply due course correction in the first 90-day process. Our standard 90-day Joinee Survey tracks 5 key parameters:

1. Selection Process
2. Welcome and Organisation Culture
3. Induction/Onboarding Quality
4. Task Clarity
5. Net promoter Question