360 Degree Surveys

360 degree feedback or Multi-rater feedback is one of the most effective methodologies for improving managerial effectiveness. It is a very potent tool if used correctly.

InterPulse 360 degree survey has been developed after significant research on current methodologies and utilization of feedback systems. The following key features ensure quality and effectiveness coupled with simplicity.

  1. Helps assessed managers focus on individual development by ensuring an easy process to receive feedback.
  2. All questionnaires are developed/fine-tuned, keeping in mind your organizational culture, vision and priorities.
  3. Our processes are designed to ensure confidentiality and the access to surveys is provided only to the assessed manager.
  4. The process is simple. We have a self-help portal which guides the assessed manager through the process at every stage.
  5. Our self-help portal provides coaching tips on how to use feedback received from 360 degree surveys.
  6. Ensures round-the-year access to guarantee all 360-degree surveys are not done during the same period to avoid survey fatigue.

To ensure that the tool is effective, we recommend the following 5 measures:

  1. The 360-degree tool is for personal improvement and should not be used in performance appraisal.
  2. The report should be confidential and accessible only to the employee. The survey can be shared with her/his boss or HR Team only at the discretion of the employee. This is a highly effective way to ensure that raters provide genuine feedback to the assessed manager.
  3. Create a culture of learning from 360-degree reports through internal workshops. Using external/internal coaches for managers to draw insights on their improvement plan would support an effective 360 degree launch plan for your organisation.
  4. It is not a validated research and hence user assessed manager needs to use with caution, though not with denial – a delicate balance.
  5. The larger the number of assessors, the better the feedback. Ensure that you have at least one boss/supervisor, 3 peers and 5 direct reports at the minimum.