At InterPulse, we take a comprehensive approach to employee surveys. We believe that the objective of measurement is behavior change., and we provide all support needed to facilitate this.

Our surveys are developed through an iterative process in close coordination with the business leaders in the client organisation. We complement the process with effective internal communication support that effectively sets the context for the survey. Quite often, employees are not sure what is expected of them in terms of the survey. Our task starts there. The output of our surveys provide a quantified mirror of reality. And our task ends with providing the client effective follow up action templates that will help the transition process for the change(big or small) identified through the survey.



  1. Identify respondents & technology
  2. Create respondent hierarchy, reporting formats
  3. Build security & confidentiality at every stage of the process
  4. Collate their details (name, e-mail id) and send it to us


  1. Conduct internal workshop for alignment, timing & design
  2. Choose the parameters that best suit your Survey requirements from easy-to-use templates
  3. You may use our standard survey questionnaires as a reference to create your questions
  4. Add your own logo or corporate identity elements to customise your survey
  5. Choose from our set of templates to make the surveys more fun and engaging!


  1. We send and manage invitations to employees
  2. Respondents receive an email link for easy access to the survey
  3. Surveys can be printed for use offline (in case of pen & paper surveys)
  4. Responses collected are managed by our dedicated team
  5. We focus continuously on the quality and ease of execution


  1. Pre-agreed reporting formats with easy-to-read and understand formats
  2. PDF or online reports for each person/business unit assessed
  3. Our unique reports are made in a way to prioritise action planning & facilitate behaviour change
  4. Reports are quantified with numbers attached to every parameter. This makes it a more efficient way to display data for organisational decision making

Behavior Change

  1. Develop Action plan for followup points emerging from surveys
  2. Create follow-up templates
  3. Review change in data against earlier surveys to plot progress

Communication & Context Setting

  1. Design Internal Communication to build anticipation & promise among employees & leadership team
  2. Focus the team towards positive feedback & build confidence