Why Us?

We are uniquely qualified to deliver high quality employee surveys due the following reasons:

  • Our team of advisors has over 100 year of combined experience in HR and leadership. 
  • We quantify results. Adjectives like good, great and bad are just too vague for organisational decision making. Instead, we provide specific, actionable numbers.
    • We offer a databank  of over 300 popular questions to review as a starting point for the survey
    • We offer attractive, gamified user interface designs, with multiple layout options. Your survey will  have a world class look and feel.
    • Creative Design support for internal marketing to ensure context setting, employee involvement, response rates & constructive feedback
    • Interactive reports  to display the Survey Results to managers, in accessible and actionable formats
    • Assist with the development and implementation of action plans and communication strategies
    • Customer-friendly Help Desk for assistance during every phase of survey administration and reporting.